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» Wie bereite ich das Haus für den Verkauf vor?

To sell the house faster and at a better price, an effort must be made, which consists of complying with the following requirements detailed later. They are essential to have the best possible presentation of the property in the photos and videos. Nothing has to distract the potential buyer from studying the photos and video of your property. The same rules apply to buyers visits.

1. Remove personal photos, do not allow pets or their accessories to appear in the photos, remove portable equipment and other devices.

2. The kitchen must be fully visible without bottles, sponges, gels, food scraps and etc.

3. The bathrooms must be clean and without personal accessories, such as brushes, teeth, towels, soap and etc.

4. Remove clothing from sight and other clothing items.

5. Extremely important to turn on all the lights in the house, even if it is daytime. Facilitate the entry of sunlight into the house as much as possible, opening the curtains and terrace doors.

These are simple activities, but they can positively influence the sale of the property.

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