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  1. Meeting at the airport and delivery to the place of residence on about. Tenerife
  2. Display of real estate (villas, apartments, apartments, etc.)
  3. Providing all the necessary information regarding the acquired property
  4. Assessment and determination of the market value of real estate of any class
  5. Providing all the information related to the purchase - sale, ownership and operation of real estate: the size, timing and place of payment of taxes; expenses for the maintenance of real estate in Spain; expenses for light, gas, water, electricity, etc.
  6. Sale of real estate free from arrests, debts, renters and any other obligations to third parties
  7. Opening an account in a Spanish bank
  8. Design by N.I.E. (alien identification numbers)
  9. Ensuring proper notarization of the purchase in accordance with applicable law
  10. Mortgage for the purchase or construction of real estate
  11. Translation Services


  1. Design by N.I.E. - alien identification number
  2. Opening bank accounts
  3. Investment Projects
  4. Assistance in starting a business in Spain
  5. Short-term and long-term rental of villas, bungalows, apartments, etc.
  6. Travel programs, excursions, escort with an interpreter on about. Tenerife
  7. Car rental
  8. Other legal services and advice in real estate.
  9. Notary and translation services in matters not related to the acquisition of real estate in the Canary Islands
  10. Assistance in obtaining any banking services
  11. Assistance in obtaining all types of insurance
  12. Accompanying the client on shopping trips for the selection and purchase of personal items, furniture, etc.
  13. Registration in utilities
  14. Re-registration as a new IBI owner (annual property tax) and annual garbage collection fee
  15. Installation of Russian television
  16. Repair work of any type
  17. Room Design
  18. Help with buying and registering a car


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